Radiation Burns :

Vitamin E :

Green Clay & comfrey Root :

Story one :
I developed radiation sores that burned so bad it was just unbearable after radiation treatment from a cancer that I had removed. I couldn't sleep at night comfortably, I tried the ointments and salves of all different brands which gave me much relief. I was getting to the end of my rope after going through this for years. So I decided why not try vitamin E, I had nothing to lose I took one capsule 400 IU daily and cut the plastic tips off three capsules and put this jelly on the cobalt sores twice-daily. Within one week I noticed some healing around the sores by the end of six months I was healed after suffering for years.

Story two :
After radiation treatment about four years ago I was left suffering with terrific skin reactions and what looked like permanent ulcer type scars on both shins and both arms. A dermatologist prescribed cortisone which helped the itch somewhat for short periods but not all at all with the healing I spent three years trying every natural remedy my wife and relatives and friends could think of with no relief. Recently I had a suggestion from a chiropractor to try green clay and comfrey root mixed and applied as a paste, so I tried it and in less than a week I have experienced more actual healing plus complete relief more than ever before.

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